Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun Oidemase! Konaya ni Pacifico Yokohama Event

Poll question! Who would be your ideal older brother?

Akesaka Satomi’s answer is!

Akesaka Satomi: For me it’s Sousuke.

Takagaki Ayahi: Ohh!

Hino Satoshi: Ah! That makes me happy!

Akesaka Satomi: Since he’s very kind and is there to protect you. And emits that feeling of wanting to help you with your studies. Until you understand the answer.

Hino Satoshi: I’ll teach you.

Kakihara Tetsuya: Teach her what? What?

Yonaga Tsubasa: Watch your language, watch it.

Hino Satoshi: Assisting her with her studies, of course. I’m not saying this in a strange way.

Akesaka Satomi: Maybe I won’t choose Sousuke after all.

Hino Satoshi: It’s not Sousuke’s fault. It’s my fault.



OH WOW—-!!! Isao’s full backstage gravure shot & performance invite illus by Kuroyuki-sensei were posted on the Teikoku site today—-!!!

((Wasn’t expecting them so soon!!))

UNFNNNFFFHH. These smexy gravure shots are gonna kill me.


Isao is a sexy badass ikemen. And Kuroyuki’s artwork leveled up AGAIN. /cries in a corner



grabbed right from the web ^^! i missed the whole stream thing because still fixing stuff for internship report (=w=)

thanks to all people translating new info about the 6 new series rejet brought |D we knew what we’ll get for next months aren’t we |D

p.s.: i got kenshin’s (vanquish brother) on draft need a bit fixing but my report need to be fixed too; so wait a bit please~~ (TT TT)


Makai Ouji Event

Quiz time! Question! In episode 2, what was the attractively arrived Sytry’s first words/sayings?

1) Where’s the selected lord?
2) Where are the treats?
3) Where’s the toilet?

Matsuoka and Kakki pair~

Matsuoka Yoshitsugu: Gaze! Upon my pretty ass!

Everyone: LOL!

Yasumoto Hiroki: What do you mean by this?

Eguchi Takuya: What are you drawing? (Towards Jun Fukuyama)

This was basically a free for all joke because Torumi Kousuke proposed if there could be more answers than just those 3! And this is what they came up with!

You put yourself right between the killing thing’s teeth, but you don’t give it the power to—

futari de issho ni daietto CD…



Has anyone listened to this CD? Tsudaken dayo~ I don’t think anyone has translated this but I don’t think I would translate it even though it’s Tsudaken’s… well, I’m not familiar with diet and fitness thing so the vocab might be a challenge or something.

But, the thing I got for sure is Tsudaken act as your fiancee and personal trainer since he works in a gym. The talk about diet starts when you are taking your time relaxing at home (both of you are living together), and suddenly  wedding topic came up. You are wondering how your look will be in the wedding dress. He crushes your dream by saying that only model looks good on it and you are just average and more like a pig with fat everywhere…

Well, he is like a Do-S fiancee to you. Saying those harsh words, being so discipline in the training menu, teasing you to the max but actually he doesn’t care if you’re fat or what. He accepts you as you are and said that you are his girl. He is the only one who are allowed to tease you as he pleases… well^^;

I laughed so much in the parts that I understand, and don’t really care the fitness part, while that’s the main point of the CD. It’s a CD to accompany you losing weight…

Hmmm… It’s just a talk, anyway^^

Have a nice day, everyone~~ 

TSUDA KENJIROU… I don’t need to diet. Nor do I want to… I ate 3 frickin’ creme filled donuts after work today, but I had my reasons So I’m not really interested in the diet aspect either, but it is Tsuda Kenjirou…………. hmm……… //puts on backburner for later//

askldgrgnarlfkandjkfngj tsudaken. This must be one of those CDs aimed to help you at something but because of smexy voices, it usually backfires *cough*Hitsuji de Oyasumi series*cough*

I’ve listened to a TsudaKen drama CD while running on a treadmill before…and I s2g in all seriousness, DONT DO IT. Freakin’ dangerous especially when you’re not prepared for the sexy.